Trees are deemed as one of the least harmless creatures that has ever existed on the earth. But there can be certain times when trees can  prove to be hazardous and it can even result in the death of a person. 

It may happen naturally or due to negligence on our own part. 

Irrespective how healthy a tree is, it is important that we understand that it can be vulnerable to damage due to intense rainfall, ice storm and many other natural occurrences. 

Hence, it is important that you get in touch with a good tree service company in mckinney tx such as Luby Tree Service who can observe the condition of the trees in and around your property. 

So, here are some of the tips through which you can observe a dangerous trees and the ways to avoid them. 

  • Overall Tree Condition Should Be Accessed 

When you assess a particular tree, then it is important to be in a place where you can view the entire tree. You would have to check out the following in a tree :- 

  1. Do you find the tree leaning in one direction? 
  2. Is any dead branches hanging from the tree?
  3. Are the leaves dropping prematurely? 

If the answer of the above question is yes, then it is recommended that you get in touch with a professional tree company

They would do proper inspection of the tree for the hazards and further advise you the best solution for the same. 

  • Trunk Inspection

If you feel that something is not correct with your tree, then you need to properly assess the trunk of the tree. If you find cavities or cracks in the tree’s trunk, then it ideally means that it can split anytime. 

You should also note down the areas where the crack has been located. If you find bark falling off the trunk, then it can be a sign of dead segment or fungus infestation.

  • Ground Inspection 

Once the overall assessment of the tree has been done, then you need to move ahead to the ground where it has been planted. 

Further, watch out for the root system and check that it is in a good health. There are two types of roots that are present in a tree i.e. absorbing roots and anchoring roots. 

Anchoring roots in general are visible and it provides the structural support to the tree. If you find decaying roots, then it can be a sign of worry. 

A tree may look healthy on the upper area but if the root system gets compromised, then the probability of the tree falling can increase. 

Additionally, if you find fungal growth around the tree base, then the best bet is to get in touch with a professional to sort out the problems. 

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  • Canopy Inspection 

If a tree is not getting enough sunlight, then it will probably start to shred the branches. Dead branches can be quite dangerous especially if a storm has recently occurred. 

Hence, proper tree inspection should be done for branches and deadwood that don’t grow. Just in case ,you find any signs, then the first thing that you need to do is get in touch with a professional tree removal service. 

Final Verdict 

Safety should be one of the foremost priorities when it comes to tree maintenance. If you find something is wrong with your tree, then it is best to get in touch with professionals to sort out various issues. 

We hope that you found the above tips informative. Just in case a tree service is needed, then you can get in touch with us through call or email and we would be happy to help you out with all your problems.