Did you know, running a mower in your garden can damage your plantsDo you own a garden? If yes, I am sure trimming of grasses, weed removal are a common practice. People make use of lawn mowers; trimmers to maintain their garden but during this practice plants and trees often suffer mechanical injuries, these small injuries can lead to the death of plants. If this sounds astounding then you should take care while you use these devices.

This especially becomes a big problem for those plants which have been freshly planted, as they are tender and even slightest of damage can result in damage its growth.

Here is how these minute injuries can turn out to be deadly for our plants and trees:

  • If while trimming or running a mower you damage the skin or bark of the tree ,it becomes susceptible to pathogen, since the bark protects the plant and if it gets damaged there are chances that the soft tissues get exposed and it comes in contact with harmful bacteria which may grow on plant and later affect its growth. If you observe sudden defoliation, poor growth and yellowness of leaves then it’s a sign that plant or tree has been damaged.
  • Apart from mowers, dumping of construction material, vehicle parking can also damage plants and its roots which later affect its growth.

You cannot stop using mowers or vehicles but what you can do is take precautionary measures like:

  • Putting tree guard around trees
  • Wrapping plastic sheets or placing plastic tree guards around freshly planted plants to prevent damage.
  • Make sure that you trim the grass when they haven’t grown too long. This will prevent the bark of the tree from getting damaged.
  • Make sure that you check the location where you are planning to plant trees.

We sincerely hope that these points would have helped you understand the ways to prevent tree damage from mowers and other physical damage.