This is not only about trees in commercial land or public property, but it can also happen in the private area as well. The problem can occur mostly on commercial properties as people don’t care much about it and don’t plant trees with proper planning. It seems like new buildings are getting developed now, and they just make the bunch of trees thinking that they’ll survive on their own. Many people or owners only plant trees here, there and everywhere and forget about taking care of it.

Here are some of the mistakes that can be seen while planting trees on the commercial property:

A lot of mulch :- Most of the times commercial properties will pile the mulch all over the trunk as well on the base of the tree too much that it will start looking like an ant hill mountain has roots coming all over. Only 4 to 5 inches of mulch is essential to help the moderate temperature of the soil and conserve water. Many people think that if there would be more mulch, the better it will be, but this isn’t true at all.

Damage from the equipment which is nearby :- The commercial areas can hire the landscaping crews to come and trim because most of the times it can damage the trees. If it doesn’t get protected, the machines can get in the roots as well as the base of the tree which will lead to severe issue later. It is essential to keep the mulch at least 2 to 3 feet over the tree, so the machines don’t hurt the trunk of the tree.

Planted profoundly or not enough of it :- Roots of the tree get under the soil where there is enough oxygen, water as well as warmth. If buried too deep under the soil, it can affect how the tree will grow as well how fast it will grow. You can also have girdling roots, which may encircle the restricted trunk movement of water as well as nutrients through the tree.

Over-irrigation :- In the hot, dry days, green grass is the sign of novelty but over and even under irrigation can damage the trees a lot. Too less or more of water could lead to reduced photosynthesis which limits the ability of the tree to thrive and grow.

Bad job of pruning :- This can give a lot of advantage to the tree, but if poorly or at the wrong time tree pruned in the year, it can cause a lot of damage and permanent breakdown to the tree. Cuts which are done improperly will lead to dead woods, and tree topping is even the worse.

If you want your tree to be safe and everything to done correctly, it is better to go for the professional tree company which only specializes in trees and not every type of environment work. Find and call now.