The tree can add a whole new feature to your property. It has all the element which you seek, beauty, nature-friendly, less carbon footprint and its fun. But often we forget that they are also alive and need to be check for their health. Sometimes, a tree in your compound can be dead or damage and it is just a disaster wait to happen. It can fall down anytime or worse. So here how you can find out if the tree is dead or damaged.

  • Trunk: the best way to find out about the health of a tree is to look at closely at the branch. When a tree gets older, old barks are peeled off and newly arrived to replace it. If you find the smooth trunk, then it means it can be damaged and dead and beyond healing. it’s better to move it out.
  • Branches: are there any leaves on the branch or it’s bare? When you see no leaves on a tree in the odd season when it should be, it’s a sign of a serious damage. A healthy tree always has a leaf, even if its dead or dry leaf. Check all the side of branches to find out if the whole tree is dead or just one side.
  • Roots: it’s a bit tricky as roots are not visible from the ground, but they are the lifeline for a tree. If the roots are damaged, the tree will die soon. If there is construction around your area or excavation projects, it could damage your tree’s root. If it had exposure to harmful chemicals or excess water, it will show the symptoms like small branches begin to sprout from roots. It indicates that roots are damaged and need to be taken care of.
  • Fungus: if you see large fungus or wood fungus growing outside your tree, it means that tree might be rotting from inside. If you can look closer and peel out the branch and see a different color than green lush, it needs to serious care. Fungus or beyond can indicate that tree might be dead.
  • Leaf: leaf can be helpful while determining the status of a tree. If leaves are falling off in offseasons, a tree that rapidly loses many of its leaves in spring or summer is liable to be sick. Find out if leaves have holes in it or bark has needle hole, it can be a sign of bugs attack a dead tree.

It is best to take these possibilities in consideration and do regular check ups and maintenance of the tree. Trees beautify your surrounding so why not take some more efforts and making maintaining them. Doing a tree trimming regularly especially in spring is important. 

A damaged tree in you compound can be dangers and ominous. Dead branches can fall off anytime, dead tree attracts more disease and bugs which can damage your other healthy trees. Make sure to take viable steps to remove it or heal it.