Key Points to Check if The Tree is Healthy or not?Trees are our natural assets that not only add the aesthetic appeal to the premises but at the same time, it also plays an integral role in making the temperature in the environment. Often in the hustle-bustle, we tend to ignore the health of the trees resulting in their death. This can also prove accidental in certain cases. So it’s important to check for the signs of good health of the trees. We at Luby Tree Service offers our professional tree services in Plano Tx Area. As a part of our services we not only do a regular inspection of the trees but at the same time take the necessary steps for its replenishment. We make use of fertilization by manual methods, soil injection when required and also the application of composted forest mulch is a part of our tree services. We have shortlisted certain points that will help you find out whether the trees are in good health or not.You can look for these early signs and connect with us to take the necessary steps.

Tips to check the health of the trees:

  • The trunk of the tree– The trunk of the tree will let you know how good is the health of the tree. If you notice there is 100% bark on the trunk and is firm then it’s a healthy tree. If 40% -80% of the bark is missing, then it’s an unhealthy tree. If you notice many woodpecker holes on the trunk, then again it’s a sign of an unhealthy tree.
  • The canopy of the tree– If you can see through the canopy of the tree then it’s an unhealthy tree (except during the fall when the leaves shed). If the tree’s canopy is dense and you cannot see through it then it’s a healthy tree.
  • Leaves of the tree– The leaves of the tree clearly indicates the health of the tree. If the leaves are green and shiny then it’s a healthy tree. An unhealthy tree will have dull and yellow leaves. Even if the leaves are green they will not have the lustre.
  • Trunk base branches- If you notice small branches arising from the main branch of the trunk then it is an unhealthy tree. A healthy tree will not have many sub-branches arising from the main trunk.

Note for these signs of damage and report to your nearest tree service company to get the tree checked and the problem rectified.