prune-trees-regularlyHave you ever wondered why that tree in your backyard turned into a gargantuan structure? If not then let me tell you that in the hustle-bustle of our daily life we tend to ignore trivial things like overgrowing trees, broken tree limbs etc.
This might not appear as a big problem in the beginning but at the end of the day, it converts into a problem not only for you but also for those who are living in your vicinity. Moreover, a weak tree or broken limb might pose a big problem during a storm when there is a high chance of it falling on your roof and damaging it or even creating debris in your yard; but, these are just a few issues; your trees require regular pruning. We have compiled here the list of points which makes tree trimming a must:

  • Firstly tree trimming ensures removal of dead branches and shooters which lessens the fire danger.
  • Another important point that needs to be understood is that regular trimming ensures removal of debris that could fall and create debris, which if not cleared in time can lead to desiccation and water attract molds and insects.
  • Tree trimming is not only about maintaining the aesthetic sense of the place rather; it also impacts the growth of the tree. A tree which is regularly trimmed and structurally pruned grows properly and has even weight distribution which reduces the chances of tree-fall. Apart from this, a well-structure trimming of trees ensures that it uplifts the growth of the trees and also helps in growth of new fruits and flowers.
  • It’s often advisable to get seasonal trimming don. This helps in removal of unwanted hanging branches. You can also give a specific shape to the trees which not only influences the growth of the tree but at the same time, it leads halts the growth of the trees in haphazard direction.
  • Make sure that you prune the branches which are crossing over the other branches or are obstructing the growth of other branches. Also while trimming you needs to ensure that U-shaped branches are stronger as compared to the V-shaped, so make sure that you opt for the right shape while getting the tree trimmed.
  • While trimming you need to ensure that you do not chop off too close to the branch collar, these are soft tissues from where the branches grow, if you damage the branch collar you might hinder the growth cycle of the tree and it may cause infection in the tree as well.
  • An important point to note here is that while getting the tree trimmed you should get it done when the tree is in dormant stage a not in the growing phase.
  • While trimming you should make sure that you trim 2/3rd of the crown area and 1/3rd of the base. Do not cut off too much as they store the plant nutrients.

The above-mentioned points should be kept in mind before heading for tree trimming or appointing a professional firm to take care of it.