Trees are the necessity of 21st century, for more or less reason considering greenhouse effect. We love having a tree around our property, it adds vista of amazing beauty. But often in the residential areas, trees become a nuisance and need to be removed. Here are some of the reasons for trees to be removed in residential property.

  • The most obvious reason is, the tree is dead. Dead trees are just disaster waiting to happen. If the necessary step were not taken, it could hurt people or damage the property. It could even take a toll on human lives if they are not removed effectively.
  • Sometimes trees lean in a certain direction; it could be dangerous as the tree might be leaning on your home or in your driveway. You need to make sure that tree needs to be removed without damaging anything. Leaning trees are dangerous; better take them off as soon as you can.
  • Our towns are growing; number construction is getting higher every day. Trees are one of the factors which can slow them down or they are right in the middle of the new project. For new residential projects trees had to be cut down in order to construct. Yes! You can plant them somewhere else instead of a residential area where it can create problems while construction.
  • Trees that block the view of property is needed to be removed. It’s decreed the value of the property. Because after all, building a beautiful house when no one can see it, is truly upsetting.
  • Trees can outgrow like wildfire, it can damage anything which comes in its way. Powerline and telephone lines are always being destroyed by tree roots and branches. Also, sometimes utility company cut down the trees while expanding their coverage.
  • Crowding of trees is one of the reasons it needs to be removed from the properties in residential areas. It blocks the pathway; the risk of branches falling down is evident. Daily wastage of leaves of trees. Especially in storms and hurricane-prone areas, those overcrowded trees can block the road, destroys the power line and sometimes destroys residential home too.
  • Roots of the tree can churn the pavement and damage the pool or create cracks in it. As those branches spread unkempt, same thing happens to the roots. Sometimes roots came out of the land and damage the lawn or create a risk of falling down while walking.
  • You are remodeling your house or yard and those trees came in the way. While renovating landscape its necessary to remove the tree.

There are also many reasons like road expansion or construction of new building require to clearing out the area including those trees. We know that trees are an important part of our lifestyle, without trees our city will look like a concrete jungle. But at times it is necessary to remove them from the place in order to avoid any inconvenience or loss of life.