23 Apr 2020

Why does the pruning are helpful for the growth of the tree?

Why does the pruning are helpful for the growth of the tree?A maintained garden with nicely pruned trees is a delight to the eye. There is much more to pruning than just chopping off limbs and should be a part of the regular maintenance of the trees and shrubs. Accurate and regular pruning improves growth, enhances plant health, increases the production of flowers and fruits apart from giving an aesthetic appeal to the trees. It is very crucial to be cautious when it comes to pruning as over-pruning can even destroy a healthy tree. If you are doubtful about your pruning skills hire professionals for the same, there are numerous Tree Pruning Services in Mckinney Texas.  Here are a few ways how pruning is helpful for the growth of the trees:Read More

20 Sep 2019

4 Tips to Observe a Dangerous Tree and How You Can Avoid Them?

Trees are deemed as one of the least harmless creatures that has ever existed on the earth. But there can be certain times when trees can  prove to be hazardous and it can even result in the death of a person. 

It may happen naturally or due to negligence on our own part. 

Irrespective how healthy a tree is, it is important that we understand that it can be vulnerable to damage due to intense rainfall, ice storm and many other natural occurrences. 

Hence, it is important that you get in touch with a good tree service company in mckinney tx such as Luby Tree Service who can observe the condition of the trees in and around your property. 

So, here are some of the tips through which you can observe a dangerous trees and the ways to avoid them. Read More

03 Jan 2019

Key Points to Check if The Tree is Healthy or not?

Key Points to Check if The Tree is Healthy or not?Trees are our natural assets that not only add the aesthetic appeal to the premises but at the same time, it also plays an integral role in making the temperature in the environment. Often in the hustle-bustle, we tend to ignore the health of the trees resulting in their death. This can also prove accidental in certain cases. So it’s important to check for the signs of good health of the trees. We at Luby Tree Service offers our professional tree services in Plano Tx Area. As a part of our services we not only do a regular inspection of the trees but at the same time take the necessary steps for its replenishment. We make use of fertilization by manual methods, soil injection when required and also the application of composted forest mulch is a part of our tree services. We have shortlisted certain points that will help you find out whether the trees are in good health or not.You can look for these early signs and connect with us to take the necessary steps.Read More

18 Jul 2018

Why Is Pruning considered very important?

Why Is Pruning considered very important?A lot of benefits are associated if you are pruning a tree. It can keep the people around it quite safe and hence pruning of tree is quite important. A lot of people, power lines, as well as buildings, can be endangered if a dead branch falls off from the tree.

Maintaining the tree and removing the dead branches is always considered as the best course of action. However, it also needs to be seen that the sixes of the tree can be quite big and it can get quite difficult for the branches to be pruned.

So, it is advised that you leave the task of tree pruning on an expert such as Luby tree service as they are into the following business for many years. It is highly recommended as it can provide you the personal safety as well as keep you relaxed.Read More

22 Feb 2018

Five most usual tree care mistakes on commercial properties

This is not only about trees in commercial land or public property, but it can also happen in the private area as well. The problem can occur mostly on commercial properties as people don’t care much about it and don’t plant trees with proper planning. It seems like new buildings are getting developed now, and they just make the bunch of trees thinking that they’ll survive on their own. Many people or owners only plant trees here, there and everywhere and forget about taking care of it.

Here are some of the mistakes that can be seen while planting trees on the commercial property:

A lot of mulch :- Most of the times commercial properties will pile the mulch all over the trunk as well on the base of the tree too much that it will start looking like an ant hill mountain has roots coming all over. Only 4 to 5 inches of mulch is essential to help the moderate temperature of the soil and conserve water. Many people think that if there would be more mulch, the better it will be, but this isn’t true at all.Read More

22 Jan 2018

5 Things to Take Care of When Choosing a Tree Pruning Contractor!

5 Things to Take Care of When Choosing a Tree Pruning Contractor!Everyone loves to be around nature. Yes, it feels great to see greenery in the vicinity. Did you know adding trees to your vicinity can increase the value of your property? Yes you do, but do you know that sometimes some unwanted vegetation can put you in trouble. sometimes your house is surrounded by some tree branches, which can be dangerous for your vehicles and powerlines.

You must be wondering that how to know if the tree in your compound can be damaging ahead. Well, sometimes these unwanted branches of the trees cause trouble in maintain your house in the perfect way. To avoid all such problems, one has to choose the right tree pruning contractor. Choosing the right contractor can be tricky. There are some local contractors who will offer you cheap price, but will use unsafe equipment. On the other hand there are those who fully insured professionals and use latest equipment.Read More

02 Jan 2018

Advice on DIY tree cutting and removal

Advice on DIY tree cutting and removalWhile it comes to the improvement of DIY landscape and home, some of the projects you can handle on your own while some of them you should leave on professionals.

You can print or decorate a room, plant the leaves or tree but can you remove it? Read more to know if it is safe and also if it is recommended to remove it on your own.

Is it fine to DIY tree cutting and falling? Are there any risks while going for DIY tree removal?

If you think of going up on a ladder, this might be the risky task. You are putting yourself and house at a higher risk. The height of the tree is very tall, and you can even fall from the ladder or also lose control. Also, the tree limbs that you’ll cut might fall on you or your house; it can go through the window and can even hit the ladder. Falling limbs cannot get predicted, and it is large, that is a dangerous combination.Read More

16 Nov 2017

How to know if the tree in your compound can be damaging ahead

The tree can add a whole new feature to your property. It has all the element which you seek, beauty, nature-friendly, less carbon footprint and its fun. But often we forget that they are also alive and need to be check for their health. Sometimes, a tree in your compound can be dead or damage and it is just a disaster wait to happen. It can fall down anytime or worse. So here how you can find out if the tree is dead or damaged.

  • Trunk: the best way to find out about the health of a tree is to look at closely at the branch. When a tree gets older, old barks are peeled off and newly arrived to replace it. If you find the smooth trunk, then it means it can be damaged and dead and beyond healing. it’s better to move it out.Read More
13 Oct 2017

Reasons why tree removals are important for residential properties

Trees are the necessity of 21st century, for more or less reason considering greenhouse effect. We love having a tree around our property, it adds vista of amazing beauty. But often in the residential areas, trees become a nuisance and need to be removed. Here are some of the reasons for trees to be removed in residential property.

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05 Jan 2017

Why do you need to prune trees regularly

prune-trees-regularlyHave you ever wondered why that tree in your backyard turned into a gargantuan structure? If not then let me tell you that in the hustle-bustle of our daily life we tend to ignore trivial things like overgrowing trees, broken tree limbs etc.
This might not appear as a big problem in the beginning but at the end of the day, it converts into a problem not only for you but also for those who are living in your vicinity. Moreover, a weak tree or broken limb might pose a big problem during a storm when there is a high chance of it falling on your roof and damaging it or even creating debris in your yard; but, these are just a few issues; your trees require regular pruning. We have compiled here the list of points which makes tree trimming a must:Read More