20 Sep 2019

4 Tips to Observe a Dangerous Tree and How You Can Avoid Them?

Trees are deemed as one of the least harmless creatures that has ever existed on the earth. But there can be certain times when trees can  prove to be hazardous and it can even result in the death of a person. 

It may happen naturally or due to negligence on our own part. 

Irrespective how healthy a tree is, it is important that we understand that it can be vulnerable to damage due to intense rainfall, ice storm and many other natural occurrences. 

Hence, it is important that you get in touch with a good tree service company in mckinney tx such as Luby Tree Service who can observe the condition of the trees in and around your property. 

So, here are some of the tips through which you can observe a dangerous trees and the ways to avoid them. Read More

08 May 2018

How you could repair storm damage tree? – A complete guide!

How you could repair storm damage tree? – A complete guide!The striking of storms can cause a lot of damage to your property and at the same time cause severe damage to the trees as well. In general, six types of storm damage to trees occurs such as stem failure, crown twist, branch failure, root failure, bow over and lightning.

In general, the damage that occurs is very minor and only the smallest branches of the tree are damaged and hence little or no permanent damage occurs to the tree. All you need to clean up the broken branches and twigs and do some light pruning so that you can restore it in a pleasing shape.

In certain cases, severe damage can occur such as broken branches, splitting of trunks, removal of bark to name a few. Some of the major causes of such kind of damage are lightening, strong winds and heavy ice storms. So, the next question that must be coming in your mind is if the tree repair is worth the effort and time to be spend. Only utilize it, if the substantial portion of the tree is still intact and if the repair is performed, it may come back in shape again and give the owner the perfect value.Read More

16 Nov 2017

How to know if the tree in your compound can be damaging ahead

The tree can add a whole new feature to your property. It has all the element which you seek, beauty, nature-friendly, less carbon footprint and its fun. But often we forget that they are also alive and need to be check for their health. Sometimes, a tree in your compound can be dead or damage and it is just a disaster wait to happen. It can fall down anytime or worse. So here how you can find out if the tree is dead or damaged.

  • Trunk: the best way to find out about the health of a tree is to look at closely at the branch. When a tree gets older, old barks are peeled off and newly arrived to replace it. If you find the smooth trunk, then it means it can be damaged and dead and beyond healing. it’s better to move it out.Read More